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DJ QBert Comes To Houston

DJ QBert, born Richard Quitevis, is widely regarded as the most highly skilled skratch DJ that has walked this plan...

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We've Got Houston On Lock!

On Saturday, February 27, 2016, West Coast battle rapper and producer Locksmith will be one of four headliners perf...

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If You're Feeling Blu

"Genesis Blu, a native Houstonian, exemplifies the heart and soul from the Golden Era of hip hop. As an emcee her l...

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Indoor Harvest Talks Farm Tech

Indoor Harvest is a leading full service design and manufacturing provider for the indoor farming industry. They sp...

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DJ Hypnotize Brings Skratch Fest To Houston

If you want something bad enough go get it! DJ Hypnotize envisioned a large event featuring turntablists showcasing...

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Cron Job Starts