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Hot Import Nights Car Show (Free Subaru BRZ Wallpaper Inside!)

Let’s face it. When big shows come to Houston for the first time or take their chances and actually return to H-Town, unfortunately, the city does not have a great reputation. Fickle

Hip Hop Radio That Does Not Suck!

How do you feel about commercial, or what I call, “corporate” radio? Are you tired of hearing the same 10 songs played over and over again? Do you even listen to the radio? Goo

Staff Picks!

Fashion Studio Struts Their Stuff

When I first strolled into Fashion Studio, I was immediately struck by the clean, modern feel of the store. This is definitely a place where we would like to hang out. There is a nice

Producers Get Their Big Break @ The Space City Beat Battle

When it comes to local talent Houston, Texas gets no love from the mainstream. Local mainstream media, mostly radio, fail to promote their own artists and producers. They fail to proa

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B-Boys (and B-Girls) Battle @ Texas Illest

One thing that stood out at Texas Illest was the number of families that attended. This is how I remember it from back it the days. B-Boying, an element of Hip Hop, is also a family affair where

Deep House Music Exposed!

Exposure is the name of a new and exciting nightlife event in Houston created by DJ Nimbus, the organizer. You may be asking, “What is so exciting about this event?” As electronic dan

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