Death to Paint! The Rise of Vinyl Werkz and Custom Car Wraps

Looking to spice up your ride? Turn heads with car wrap solutions by Vinyl Werkz. Whether you are an individual looking for an affordable alternative to upgrading your vehicle, or a business owner who wants your brand to stand out in a crowd, Vinyl Werkz provides the custom options you need.


Car wraps are nothing new, but the Houston-based team at Vinyl Werkz has the know how to help you decide what car wrap option is best for you and your vehicle. If it’s a full car customization, or something as simple as a roof wrap or wheels, you can bet Vinyl Werkz can do it. Based on your budget, Vinyl Werkz offers affordable options in every vibrant color imaginable to turn your vehicle into the ride of your dreams. Move over matte black; candy and chrome wraps make your car stand out in the crowd.

The car wrap process is fast, too. Better than a paint job, a car wrap transforms your ride in just a few days! One of the best parts about car wraps is that with the help of specifically designed film the wrap job is semi-permanent, so if you aren’t in love with it then it is easily removable with no damage to the body of your vehicle. The talented staff at Vinyl Werkz knows what it takes to make your vehicle look fantastic and is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible.

In addition to standard vehicles, Vinyl Werkz specializes in food trucks and other commercial vehicles. Business owners can take advantage of increasing visibility and boost brand awareness with a custom designed wrap for their companies. Join the growing number of individuals who know that paint is dead. Car wraps are as close to perfection as possible when it comes to looking for budget friendly options to revamp your ride.

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