The Hook On Hookah

What’s the hook on hookah? Originating in Persia, hookah was introduced to the Middle East where it became an integral part of their culture and traditions. Smoking became popular among Indian noblemen, and Middle Easterners saw the introduction of the hookah as a healthier option to growing smoking concerns. Middle Easterners claimed the smoke was purified by passing through water before it was inhaled. Hookah soon became the favored option for the Indian aristocracy and was seen as the ultimate status symbol.


Initially hookahs were hand crafted from pieces of wood, but as time passed and hookahs became more popular, brass and glass began to replace simple wood designs. Growing in size and complexity while preserving the hand craftsmanship of earlier years, hookah design became more intricate as those who fashioned them added delicate paintings and mosaics to enhance the beauty of these simple pieces. Hookahs became the focal point for many social gatherings, and attaining the perfect amount of packing and moisture of the shisha became an art.

Hookah has made its way into major US cities, including Houston, where it’s rather popular along Richmond as well as Montrose and Midtown. Thatvideomagazine recently stopped by The Texas Hookah Lounge to check out the plethora of shisha flavors available to its patrons or those individuals who just want to replenish their supply. Hookah lovers can mix and match the different flavors of tobacco to find the perfect blend for their hookah.

A great destination for pre or post partying, Texas Hookah Lounge offers a peaceful atmosphere with comfortable leather chairs that invites customers to kick back and relax with friends and have a hookah of their choosing. Feel free to bring your own food or beverages, and even your laptop or tablet, as The Texas Hookah Lounge offers complimentary wi-fi. Unlike the rushed sensation smoking a cigarette gives you, smoking a hookah gives you time to think, and appreciate good company.

Stop in The Texas Hookah Lounge and savor the flavors and the hookah experience that awaits you.