Vinny Ten Calls Out Fake Shops, F****d Up Cars & Frustrated Tuners!

Have you ever taken your pride and joy to a performance shop for upgrades and the shop ends up f***ing up your shit? Almost every car enthusiast can relate to this scenario. The shop is always to blame; it’s was their fault, right? Eh, maybe not so much. It may be time for tuners to look within. Vinny Ten at Vinny Ten Racing in Babylon, New York shares his insight on the tuning industry and offers free advice potential customers and the shops building their rides. No political correctness or sugarcoating, just the plain hard truth.

Vinny Ten is the first sport compact drag racer to run 10’s in his Toyota Supra which is currently being brought out of retirement. Surprisingly Vinny’s last name has nothing to do with racing heritage but “Ten” is, really and truly, his last name. Vinny spends most of his life doing what he loves: modifying import cars and showing off his creativity. Specializing in VQ35 engines, Vinny is able to squeeze 800hp from Jim Wolf Turbo kits, a pretty impressive feat.

Disclaimer: NSFSAS (Not safe for short attention spans) or those with A.D.D. Watch at your own risk! Thatvideomagazine, formerly Tunerlifestyletv, is not responsible for hurt feelings and bruised egos.


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