Exclusive Video Content Leader Unlocks the Vault to Houston and NYC Event Sponsorship for 2014

Houston, TX (February, 18, 2014) - Exclusive video content leader That Video Magazine has officially announced the launch of the That Video Magazine Event Sponsorship ProgramThe program brings support to anyone holding local events in TVM’s operating area and features not only extensive event support and exclusive event marketing but also $25,000 worth of potential budget resources for people and organizations looking to put on events in Houston and New York City.

“TVM is fully dedicated to covering our audience and drawing people into the best events in your area. This is an opportunity for local businesses, bands, restaurants and event planners to get in on the action with an exclusive events ecosystem and major financial backing,” said Founder and Lead Director Dexter Bayack.

The program will feature extensive cash support for partners, as well as partnership marketing that injects events immediately into the collective psychology of core local markets. TVM sponsorship includes live video streaming, event ticketing, on-site display, on-site signage, social media and other major promotional media buys, on-site PA promotions, prize giveaways, link-building and more.

The event sponsorship program is That Video Magazine’s first major move on the heels of its recent push in the name of video exclusivity and affordable video for the average business owner. Embracing the laws of business dynamics for the betterment of its community and potential audience, the company decided that a hands-on approach to events would be the best and fastest way to ensure its mission: a better exclusive video content ecosystem for audiences, events and businesses alike.


The amount of information available to the average business owner is larger now than ever before. From SEO experts to marketing consultants to your average small business owner who has figured out a thing or two about marketing, the internet is inundated with professionals and entrepreneurs teeming with advice. A quick Google search here or there can tell you almost anything about marketing, even if it’s not always easy to tell the good advice from the bad.

To make life a little easier on you, here’s one undoubtedly valuable piece of advice for any good small business owner or independent consultant: use video. Video is undoubtedly one of the most effective and promising ways to market your business. Those who are more interested in watching video rather than reading (a higher percentage of potential consumers than we care to admit) will still be prime prospects for video marketing. Video is easily shareable on mobile and in social media and has great virality potential as well. From a more advanced perspective, it is more likely to allow the average business owner to leverage suspense and other classic storytelling elements on behalf of your campaign. Video also fits nicely into Google’s newest SEO algorithm updates; varying the medium used will greatly benefit any business seeking bigger, better search rankings.

Yet the vast majority of businesses still don’t take advantage of video as a marketing tactic. Here are three reasons why, and how That Video Magazine’s exclusive video packages solve those issues.

#1: Video can be expensive to produce.

Video is admittedly not the cheapest option when it comes to disseminating content. Using written content in the form of blog posts or social media is instant and easy to create. Video takes more time to make and may not be as natural for the average small business owner. In addition, it takes extra equipment to make a video of high quality. While any mobile phone user can create a video in a matter of moments, a more advanced video could take hours once all editing is completed, and that’s if you have the technical expertise to create the video in the first place. If not, your best option is to hire someone else, which may or may not be cost-efficient.

How That Video Magazine solves your production issue: That Video Magazine offers customers the opportunity to purchase a package that includes a video exclusive to the TVM site alongside other excellent values, including business listings, ongoing marketing support and an ecosystem of media consumers. TVM’s subscription model gives you the opportunity to spread the cost over monthly payments which builds into eventual ownership of video footage taken of your brand, giving you a chance to eventually own the rights to your video and expand the video to other platforms. This creates a multi-dimensional win for all involved: TVM earns a loyal customer, our audience gets to see what you do, and you gain access to incredibly powerful video you can leverage for your business.

Don’t let expenses get in the way of having a video presence.

#2: Video distribution takes time, money and knowledge.

Once you actually have a video, there is no guarantee that your video will reach the right people. This is especially true if you do not have a background in general video distribution or marketing. While basic social media will put your video into a few channels, understanding how to drive traffic toward where your video is housed and convert that traffic into something positive for your brand or company is something else entirely. Even if you use the power of networking to get out your message, distribution takes time, leading to two major problems: the ability to get your video out fast enough for it to be new, and finding the time to execute distribution itself.

How That Video Magazine solves the distribution issue: That Video Magazine has extensive knowledge of distribution and the capabilities it takes to magnetize an audience to your video. Proper distribution relies on knowing where to post what the people want to see and how to pinpoint those areas with precision. That’s why our site averages 14,000 monthly visitors that make up a healthy blend of professionals and consumers.

When the people who produce your video also distribute it, it means one less headache, plain and simple.

#3: Measuring video results is difficult.

When you pay for marketing, you want results. If you don’t bother to measure your results, you will never know if you got a return on your investment. And if you don’t know your ROI, you can’t put together a marketing plan that makes sense for your company.

Unfortunately, measurement is an even bigger fish to fry than is distribution. From tracking clicks to determining what links are successful and how effective your campaigns are at creating conversion, determining the exact value of video is beyond the average campaign measurement toolkit of most small business owners.

How That Video Magazine solves the measurement issue: That Video Magazine has an exact understanding of the activity on and surrounding its website. We know where our visitors come from and what keywords or images led them from one page to the next. We can drive business for our clients by embedding downloadable coupons in the form of call-to-action links in our articles in addition to the end of a video. TVM clients know exactly how much traffic transfers from our videos to their site and eventually to a sales situation.

And it doesn’t stop there. Each month, we perform analysis of all of our campaigns and our site as a whole. We compare results month to month and year to year as best we can so as to drive the best possible short, medium and long-term returns. If we see an opportunity to adjust what we do to further maximize your campaign on your behalf, we do it.

Thatvideomagazine is proud to present The Traffic Jam. What is it exactly? The Traffic Jam is a new electrifying festival celebrating import cars, urban lifestyle and culture. The Traffic Jam also gives local artists, performers and DJ’s a platform to receive much needed local and national exposure by opening for celebrity acts.

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ThatVideoMagazine (TVM) is a digital media publication that was originally formed as a resource for those seeking an alternative to mainstream media. We believe in telling stories through video with the quality of film and camera work used by top television studios.

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“ThatVideoMagazine covers topics not normally seen in the mainstream press. The outlet drives tremendous traffic and has the potential to really shake up what most people consider to be media. It also has excellent business capabilities. We are proud to have them as a client and partner.” - Daniel Cohen, RedShift Writers

"Thatvideomagazine blew it out of the park with this one! I've gotten so many phone calls with people wanting tables fixed it's hard to keep track. When you need post-it notes to keep track of how many tables are in your possession you're on the right track!" - DJ Mas

If there’s a culture to discover, we explore it. Contact us to get more information about partnerships and licensing. Let’s grow your community and business together.

Have you ever taken your pride and joy to a performance shop for upgrades and the shop ends up f***ing up your shit? Almost every car enthusiast can relate to this scenario. The shop is always to blame; it’s was their fault, right? Eh, maybe not so much. It may be time for tuners to look within. Vinny Ten at Vinny Ten Racing in Babylon, New York shares his insight on the tuning industry and offers free advice potential customers and the shops building their rides. No political correctness or sugarcoating, just the plain hard truth.

Vinny Ten is the first sport compact drag racer to run 10’s in his Toyota Supra which is currently being brought out of retirement. Surprisingly Vinny’s last name has nothing to do with racing heritage but “Ten” is, really and truly, his last name. Vinny spends most of his life doing what he loves: modifying import cars and showing off his creativity. Specializing in VQ35 engines, Vinny is able to squeeze 800hp from Jim Wolf Turbo kits, a pretty impressive feat.

Disclaimer: NSFSAS (Not safe for short attention spans) or those with A.D.D. Watch at your own risk! Thatvideomagazine, formerly Tunerlifestyletv, is not responsible for hurt feelings and bruised egos.

Dekalb Market in Downtown Brooklyn turned into a time machine transporting fun loving attendees back to the 1970’s for the Down & Derby Roller Disco.  Afros, tube socks, headbands and anything 70’s was the dress code for the evening. Vince Masi, the organizer, told us that this event is on its sixth year and is held in over a dozen cities across the country.

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Are Mermaids real? You decide after attending Coney Island's Mermaid Parade. Land lovers came by the boatloads to see all the sealife that washed up on the beaches of Coney Island for the 30th Annual Mermaid Parade. Mermaids and mermen moved east on Surf Ave in a rainbow of colors, not to mention exhibitionism, during their "fish out of water" experience.

New York Video is a group of entrepreneurs curating the future of online video. Once a month, Steven Rosenbaum, who serves as the event host and M.C., organizes this networking event through the popular social site, Meetup. This month's Meetup was held at AOL's headquarters in Manhattan with a bargain admission of only $10 per person.

Upon arrival, a receptionist greeted guests and issued them a name tag. From 6:30pm to 7pm networking began as participants mingled and enjoyed an assortment of pizza and beer. Presentations started at 7pm. For this particular event, there were five presenters: ExpoTV, Videoart, Chatand, Condition One and Lessons From My Early Twenties. Each presenter was given 5 minutes to share their creations with the audience. Before the presentations even started, employers in the audience were given the opportunity to mention current job openings. Presentations ended at 8pm followed by another thirty minutes of networking. This was my first networking event in New York City.  I was impressed with the quality of the event and the great group of people who attended.

"The NY Video Meetup is the world's largest organization of online video entrepreneurs. We meet monthly in NYC to showcase and discuss the emerging trends of our industry. Each month local startups, content producers and big media companies demo in front of hundreds of peers followed by bi-directional Q&A. Industry thought leaders are also interviewed in our "Founder DNA" Series. Our goal is to bring the local online video community closer together and to inspire and help each other succeed by sharing our collective experience." - New York Video